1,000,000 د.ع

دعامة معدنية من سبيكة النيتينول , مخصصة لعلاج النزيف في المرئي

The Danis Seal is a fully covered self-expandable nitinol oesophagal stent for the treatment of oesophagal leaks and ruptures. The large diameter with optimal length and expansion force, durable silicone coating and special anti-migration design make this stent the ideal solution in appropriate situations.


The Danis Seal is indicated for patients aged 18 and older and is indicated for the treatment of esophageal or gastric leakage from:

  • Anastomotic wound dehiscence (after esophagectomy, gastric bypass),
  • Esophageal ruptures / perforations (spontaneous rupture – Boerhaave’s syndrome; iatrogenic rupture / perforation occurring during esophageal dilations, endoscopic manipulations, traumatic esophageal ruptures due to blunt thoracic trauma).

Available Sizes

REF No. Esophageal Stent Danis Seal Delivery system
Stent flares diameter [mm] Stent body diameter [mm] Nominal length [mm] Active length [cm] Outer diameter [F]
019-11-25-135 30 25 135 75 28 / 18
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 10 cm