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دعامة معدنية من سبيكة النيتينول , مخصصة لعلاج النزيف في المرئي

The Danis Stent is a worldwide unique self-expandable covered oesophagal stent that is the only one officially indicated to stop bleeding from oesophagal varices.
Its dimensions and high expansion force represent a very effective and easy solution for patient stabilization.
The delivery system has been developed to allow the stent to be implanted in an acute situation without endoscopic and X-ray control.
Recommended by several international procedures and guidelines for the treatment of oesophagal varices.


The Danis Stent is intended for patients aged 16 and older and is indicated to stop acute and/or refractory bleeding from esophageal varices.

Available Sizes

Danis Procedure Pack
REF SX-ELLA Stent Danis Delivery system
Stent flares diameter
Stent body diameter
Nominal length [mm] Active length
Outer diameter [F]
019-08S-25-135 30 25 135 60 28 / 20
019-08S-25-135B 30 25 135 60 28 / 20
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 10 cm