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The HV Stent Plus is a fully covered self-expandable esophageal stent with a unique anti-migration design that combines the benefits of partially covered and fully covered esophageal stents. The low migration rate and prevention of tissue ingrowth is complemented by safe and reliable extractability. If the stent is implanted in the distal part of the esophagus and protrudes into the cardia, it may be equipped with an anti-reflux valve that prevents reflux of gastric juices.


The HV Stent Plus is intended for patients aged 18 and older and indicated for palliative treatment of malignant dysphagia, for sealing malignant esophagorespiratory or esophagomediastinal fistula. The device can be temporarily implanted in patients with refractory benign esophageal strictures.

REF No. Stent diameter [mm]
Proximal flare / Body / Distal flare
Stent nominal
019-09SL-20-085 25 / 20 / 25 85 No 16 F / 22 F
019-09SL-20-110 110
019-09SL-20-135 135
019-09SL-20-150 150
019-09SL-20-085-O 85 Yes
019-09SL-20-110-O 110
019-09SL-20-135-O 135
019-09SL-20-150-O 150
019-09S-18-085 25 / 18 / 25 85 No
019-09S-18-110 110
019-09S-18-135 135
019-09S-18-150 150
019-09S-18-085-O 85 Yes
019-09S-18-110-O 110
019-09S-18-135-O 135
019-09S-18-150-O 150
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 10 cm